Do I need to have a Will Prepared by a Lawyer?

Do I need to have a Will Prepared by a Lawyer?

            I’ve been involved in many situations after a person’ death where the individual did not have a Will prepared by a lawyer.  I’ve seen situations where there was no will, where individuals handwrote wills themselves, where individuals had others to handwrite what they believed to be their wills, and many more unusual situations.  In all cases where a lawyer did not prepare the will, it causes problems, in some cases devastating problems.

            To the layman, writing a will seems simple in process of thought, but it is much more complex.  Many scenarios can evolve, and careful planning is highly suggested.  It is just not logical for you to work your entire life, and then not spend a reasonable sum to prepare where your assets go after your death.  Hiring a lawyer not only can firmly and professionally establish your wishes in a will, but it will also give you a significant peace of mind knowing you have prepared for the future. 

            None of us know what the future holds, but if you are ready to prepare for yours, consider contacting us to discuss the options that will be best for you.  We can be reached at 336.633.4529. 


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