How is Child Support calculated?

How is Child Support Calculated?

            Child Support in North Carolina is generally calculated by using the North Carolina Child Support Presumptive Guidelines.  The guidelines use factors such as gross income, other dependents, health insurance, work related daycare, and extraordinary needs of the minor child(ren) in the calculation.  There are presently three child support worksheets that are used in calculating child support.  Worksheet A is used in a scenario where one parent has primary physical custody of a minor child(ren).  Worksheet B is used in a shared custody situation.  Worksheet C is utilized in a split custody circumstance.

            Although the guidelines provide a worksheet for calculation, the nuances of the factors and additional rules can make a difference in the amount of support.  Additionally, circumstances exists when an individual can seek to establish child support that varies from the presumptive guidelines. 

            If you need assistance with navigating issues concerning child support, we are here to help.  We can be reached at 336.633.4529. 

      Please do not consider the above statements as legal advice for your specific situation.  Always seek the advice of an Attorney to address your specific situation. 


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