Randolph County Clerk of Court New Temporary Office Hours (COVID-19)

Courthouse Changes Due to COVID-19 in Randolph County, NC

            On Thursday, March 26th, 2020, the Randolph County Clerk of Court implemented new hours during which the clerk’s office will be open to the public.  Those hours are Monday thru Friday from 9am until 11am.  The duration of these office hours are not known, but are expected to be temporary.

            The Randolph County Courthouse continues to hear cases relating to domestic violence (50B’s, 50C’s), necessary jail/criminal cases, emergency custody cases, and emergency other related cases.  If you have questions about your specific case, please feel free to contact us at 336.633.4529 or via email at office@hayesattorneync.com


06/11/2021 by Zion warner

Hey I had court today they told me to call a number and they told me to wait until today because my room have covid 19 I’ve lost my taste abd smell

02/27/2022 by Cathy Veiga

Can grandparent get visitation??

03/20/2023 by arrency

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